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Surfboard Permanent Wax

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Don't wax again, save money and have more time for surfing.

This surfboard permanent wax keeps your board clean while providing more grip when wet.

PEVA Tape is an innovative Peel'n'Stick Clear Traction Grip for Surfboards, SUPs, Wake Skates and much more.

It's made from material designed to deliver outstanding anti-slip properties in both wet and dry conditions.

No more need to put toxic and messy wax on your boards and have it stick on board bags and in your car.

Keep your board looking great and save money.

It's now available for SUPs, short boards, longboards, fishes, mini mals, and more, plus boat decks.

It's so thin (around 1mm) it doesn't create any drag in water.

100mm wide grips can be split down the middle and used as rail tape on your SUP board.

Why use Surfboard Permanent Wax?

  • With no more waxing, you get more time for surfing.
  • It's not black foam, so you can stand on it in the sun.
  • Gives you wax-less surfboard traction.
  • Clear grip tape.
  • It's transparent, so you won't hide board artwork, logos, etc.
  • Use as Rail SUP tape.
  • It's a wax replacement - but you can still apply wax.
  • It's not affected by hot water or air temperatures.
  • No more melting wax and dirty board bags.
  • Save money by not having to buy wax.
  • Lighter than heavy wax build-up.
  • No more having sand stick to your wax.
  • Provides ultimate protection for your board.
  • No longer have lumpy wax sections.
  • It's cheaper than wax.
  • It's also lighter than wax.
  • Always reliable and durable and - anywhere you go.
  • Clean and dry before applying your traction pads for best results.

Please visit surfboardpermanentwax.com for more information.

You must make sure your board is clean and dry before adhering your traction pads!..


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Surfboard Permanent Wax - $34.95

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